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  • 08/22/21 - We now have a blacklist enabled (thanks Shimmie Dev!), it's simple but still works, any tag listed in the pop up dialog box (tags in full eg. character:lilith_calah) will be blocked, can add as many as you like (spaces between tags), to remove them just open the dialog box again and just remove them, simples!
  • 08/22/21 - Just to remind everyone that prequel versions of the characters outside of those which are old enough are off limits for NSFW images on the Booru, please either age them up or keep it clean. Thank you.
  • 09/06/20 - Image uploader has a Max Res limit of 7500x7500, if you'd like images of higher res than this uploaded, please contact Admin (James) so they can be uploaded via the backend tools.


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